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About Us

Mission Statement:

To adhere to Permaculture Ethics, which are: Care for the Earth, Care for People, and Return the Surplus or fair share.


Who are we?


We are certified permaculture designers and the nursery operates using permaculture ethics and principles. We specialize in plants suitable for edible landscaping, food forest and offer unusual semi-tropical plants that are beautiful in the landscape, and highly nutritious and delicious.
With our knowledge of plants and design we can create an edible garden that you will love. Once the plants are established following proven permaculture principles, they provide an abundant amount of food with very little care.

We also offer workshops, lectures, and even cooking classes to learn how to use the plants to their highest potential.


Cathy with carrot  Cathy DeFelice

Cathy was introduced to gardening by her grandfather when she was 3 years old and has never lost interest in growing plants. She was a student of ornamental horticulture during high school and had jobs at a garden center, perennial flower nursery, production greenhouse and even as a florist. Most recently Cathy is working on adding edibles to her yard.

Nessie bio photo  Nessie Johnson

Nessie has a B.A. in Rhetoric and Communication from Temple University, she is a certified yoga instructor, certified permaculture designer and co-owns The Edible Garden that focuses on sustainability through the use of permaculture principles, and has taught ESL for over 12 years. She has taken her teaching experience into a different direction and has spent the last few years teaching and developing workshops on sustainable living and healthy cooking, does edible landscape design and installations. Nessie believes that connecting the mind, body, spirit, and nature allows all of us to be connected to not only to ourselves but also to our communities.


The edible garden is a backyard co-operative nursery certified with the Department of FL Agriculture, registration #48015465.

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